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At William R. Kerner Attorney at Law LLC, my criminal defense practice is statewide where I appear in courts throughout Wisconsin. On behalf of my clients, I provide an aggressive and quality-driven defense of the felony or misdemeanor charges against them. I diligently represent their interests and fiercely protect their rights.

Protecting Your Rights And Minimizing Criminal And Noncriminal Consequences

I am criminal defense lawyer William Kerner. Specific areas of my felony and misdemeanor practice include:

  •     Domestic violence, including defense of restraining orders and injunctions
  •     DUI/drunk driving charges
  •     Traffic violations
  •     Drug offenses
  •     Probation/supervision revocations
  •     Weapons and firearms offenses

For many of my clients facing the consequences of a criminal conviction, losing is not an option. Beyond possible prison sentences and fines, immigrants run the risk of losing their visa and being deported. Divorcing spouses accused of domestic violence can see their custody time reduced or eliminated. Permanent criminal records impact employment opportunities and educational pursuits.

I tailor your criminal defense by identifying the specific issues surrounding your arrest and conducting my own investigation. I pursue the best outcome, whether that involves plea bargaining or a criminal trial.

A sound criminal defense is vital when the stakes are so high. Personalized legal representation is important when your reputation has been damaged.


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* Felonies/Misdemeanors
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* Divorce
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