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Many Wisconsin residents come to William R. Kerner, Attorney at Law LLC, with more than one legal problem. Experience in multiple practice areas has allowed me to provide a higher level of legal representation. When complex legal matters carry serious consequences, I diligently protect the rights of my clients and pursue the best possible outcome.

The Need For A Lawyer Experienced In Both Criminal Defense And Immigration

Immigrants facing drug possession charges and other criminal allegations face particular challenges that require seasoned legal advocacy. While convictions of gun crimes, sexual offenses involving a child, and other aggravated felonies result in automatic deportation, some misdemeanor crimes are considered felonies in immigration courts.

A public defender or lesser experienced attorney may work out a deal to have a felony reduced to a misdemeanor involving probation and a fine. The plea bargain is accepted. However, that does not resolve all the legal problems, specifically the possibility of deportation.

Retaining a criminal defense and immigration attorney with skills and experience in both areas is an important step to keeping you or a family member in the United States.

Justice And Opportunities For Nonresident Aliens Victimized By Crimes

Conversely, undocumented immigrants who are victims of assault, domestic violence, witness intimidation and other criminal offenses do not have to fear revealing their status to report a crime. U visas exist for those who cooperate with law enforcement, resulting in both justice and legal status to live and work in the United States.


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