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Divorces are highly personal legal matters requiring equally personalized legal representation. Making life-changing decisions is challenging when emotions run high. Issues over children, money, property and debts can turn a cooperative process into a battle between a divorcing couple. My job is to help you and your spouse find common ground.

No one plans for divorce. However, a skilled and experienced attorney can help you map out your future. At my Wisconsin law firm, William R. Kerner, Attorney at Law LLC, I focus on resolutions that are in your best interests and those of your children.

Protecting Your Rights. Focusing On The Best Interests Of Your Children

The minute you start the divorce process is the moment you want it to be over. Your spouse and his or her opposing lawyer can take advantage of your emotional state. However, getting to an end point requires patience and vigilance on your part. My job is to dedicate my resources toward the best outcome.

Divorce is far more complex than just filling out forms. Trying to find resolution over alimony, child custody and property division to save money will only cost you in the end. The collaborative divorce process is an affordable way to negotiate an agreement. You and your spouse have the chance to sit down and discuss issues toward a resolution.

Litigation often comes into play in post-judgment matters. Children get older and their needs change. Parents find new spouses and want to move. Jobs change and income increases and decreases. Grandparents may want to spend time with children or take over parenting responsibilities. Legal matters can turn into serious conflicts, requiring the help of an attorney.


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