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The need for a family law attorney with hands-on experience in criminal defense often results from domestic violence accusations. While the criminal consequences of a conviction are severe, the effects of allegations can alter child custody agreements and prevent avid deer hunters from owning rifles.

At William R. Kerner, Attorney at Law LLC, I represent both victims of domestic abuse and those facing accusations of violent acts. I recognize that my clients are going through emotionally charged and legally complex problems that are significant, traumatic and life-changing.
The Severe Consequences Of Domestic Violence And False Accusations

Milwaukee County has three courts solely for domestic violence cases. I provide aggressive representation for abuse victims in those specialized settings. As a criminal defense lawyer, I also possess experience in fighting false accusations often based on exaggerations as to the events of the so-called "crime."

Restraining orders and injunctions are often the result of the accusations. However, a little-known federal law exists that domestic violence or misdemeanor disorderly conduct convictions can result in a lifetime ban on possessing firearms. The consequences are especially hard-hitting for Wisconsin deer hunters.

Often, the aftermath of domestic violence is divorce. During the process, accusations can impact custody proceedings. A parent accused of abusing his or her spouse can find himself or herself with a restraining order and the possibility of limited time with the children or supervised visitation. Reputations and quality time with sons and daughters are at stake.


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