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Marriage for the sake of securing a green card is a common tactic. Over time, the government has become more vigilant in identifying fraudulent actions between a "married" couple. Initially, the immigrant receives a conditional permanent resident card. Two years later, a new form is filed to document the marital status.

When clients come to me with family law and immigration cases, I recognize the significance of the issues they are facing. At William R. Kerner, Attorney at Law LLC, I employ my skills, legal knowledge and experience in both highly complex practice areas with diligence and determination.

Helping Wisconsin Residents When Immigration And Divorce Issues Intersect

While fraudulent marriages exist, valid marriages between a United States citizen and an immigrant can go wrong. The marriage may have been in good faith with relatives and friends vouching for the couple. Yet, like other unions, differences, disputes and even instances of abuse forced one spouse to pursue divorce.

Immigrants in the United States on a marriage visa face uncertainty when they are considering divorce. For many, their safety and the well-being of their children are at stake. An abusive spouse has made their lives intolerable. Immediate action must be taken to end the marriage while maintaining their immigration status.

For more than 30 years, I have witnessed the effects of life-changing legal problems on my clients and respond to their needs with focused and results-oriented legal advocacy.


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