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I was accused of committing a serious felony. The police used deceitful tactics to convince me that I had no hope, and tricked me into agreeing to a false confession. I was facing a possible 40 years in prison, and at age 43, this would have been a life sentence for me.

The other attorneys I consulted told me there was no hope, and that I would have to plead guilty, even though I knew I was innocent. Under severe stress, I became depressed, but then my wife called Attorney William Kerner. William Kerner listened to my side of the story and did not take the accusations against me at face value. Attorney Kerner searched the police reports for weaknesses and sent an investigator to find the facts. He found expert witnesses to support our case. Attorney Kerner negotiated with the District Attorney, while preparing for trial at the same time.

I refused to plead guilty to any crimes that I did not commit, so William Kerner explained the risks involved, and we went to trial. The jury found me Not Guilty of the false accusations against me.

Sometimes you need a trial lawyer. I highly recommend William Kerner as a litigator in any criminal case.

- W. Bell


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