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The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Kerner Law Offices can help you fight your tickets and prevent much of the damage and cost they will inflict on you, but only if you take action.

A Traffic Ticket may seem like a small thing, but it can have larger consequences. Often, the fine is the least serious consequence of getting a Traffic Citation. It may seem like a good idea to just pay the fine, but consider the hidden costs:

  • Points - In Wisconsin, most moving violations will result in the imposition of penalty points against your Driver’s License. If you accumulate 12 penalty points within a 12 month period, your Wisconsin Driver’s License will be suspended for a period of at least two months. A Probationary Driver’s License will be suspended for six months. And higher point totals may lengthen the suspension period for up to four, six, or even twelve months, depending on the number of points and the kind of Driver’s License you have. Sometimes traffic officers will issue several tickets for a single event. Often, simply paying the tickets will trigger an immediate Suspension of Your Driver’s License.
  • Insurance Costs - Like most states, Wisconsin requires all licensed drivers to have insurance. However, insurance companies check your driving record on a periodic basis. If your record shows certain traffic citation convictions your insurance rates are likely to increase by hundreds of dollars per year, and may not come down until your driving record is clean again. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation maintains the record of your traffic code convictions for a period of five years. So, your insurance company will know about them for at least that long.
  • Habitual Traffic Offender Status - If, during any five year period, you are convicted of twelve or more Wisconsin traffic violations, or of four or more major traffic violations in any state, or any combination of twelve major violations and Wisconsin traffic violations, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will revoke your Driver’s License for five years.
  • Operating While Suspended or Revoked - If your Driver’s License is already suspended or revoked, it is a new violation for you to drive until your driving privileges have been restored. These new violations add more points and can trigger new suspensions of your Driver’s License, creating a vicious circle that keeps you in constantly unable to legally drive. Getting your Driver’s License back, and preventing these new citations from dragging you down further, becomes a high priority.


Usually, you won’t have to go to court. We will make any necessary appearance for you and keep you advised of our progress. Sometimes even old convictions can be reopened and/or changed in your favor. If your Driver’s License has been suspended or revoked, we may be able to help you get it back sooner and prevent new charges from harming you further. But it is always easier to resolve a traffic citation in your favor if you act now and Retain Kerner Law Offices to Fight Your Traffic Tickets Now.


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